What does highest call OI / highest PUT OI / call unwinding / put unwinding of nifty indicates?

I am learning …

Current highest call OI is 11000
highest put OI is 10600
CE unwinding is 10700,10600
PE unwinding is 11000,10650

I have some idea about this but can someone explain in further details…I believe these numbers are very important for any options trader

Didn’t I explained you earlier?
11000 strong resistance on upside.
10600 strong support on downside.
Unwinding means people are exiting the contracts. AND there may be various reasons.
CE unwinding means - people are losing interest in 10700, 10600 level being strong resistance now. They are expecting more upside hence they are exiting the contracts at these strikes.
PE unwinding in this case is bit complicated. I think people who have entered calendar spreads etc in june series may be exiting their july legs in 10650. Also 10650 do not has much liquidity. As for 11000 PE people may be adjusting their complex strategies.
PS: I am also a newbie.

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