What exactly is SEBI proposal for retail traders

Someone please clarify this clearly.

For a retail trader who plays only intraday and equity segment what exactly is this networth rule ? Some people say sebi may put a ban on direct equity for all people whose ITR networth is less than 25 lac.

What is the turn over limit for intraday equity traders?

What will happen to holding value when it exceeds the networth limit? Will they get banned from further trading unless they sell some shares and bring down the holding value?

When calculating networth limit will they cap even mutual funds and NCDs?

What will happen to.commodity segment?

Will retail investors completely banned in derivatives and commodities?

Someone please speculate and tell what are possible scenarios.

Probably big hands like big mutual fund companies behind this to force people to invest in mutual fund rather than trading them self. for now it not going to pass because of all the protests. Its our money to do what we want, so keep on protesting.


Lets shoot them first then ask questions.

Lets protest first, then we will ask questions.


Ask the question to whome, to you Mr @trader_dude ? And those answerable, are any more accessible? And if you get the access anyhow, whether they r ready to answer. Harek jagah apni tangari phasane Ko kahte hain - Adhjal Gagri Chhalkat Jaye.