What feature would you like to see in Kite 4.0 - a note for the zerodha founders

Hi everyone,

While my short experience with zerodha, I felt the need for some of the features that I think would make trading easier and more convenient. So, I thought why not to come up with a post so that zerodha founders (@nithin) are aware of what we want. So, here are my two cents on features that I would want to see in zerodha. Comment yours as well -

  1. To be able to modify stop loss or target in all the executed bo orders legs at once.
  2. An option to stop the optional trailing stop loss in a bo order after certain points (as given by user)

I think a lot of people are asking for these two features.


If they allow CO with SL as entry then it would be great. Please consider this @nithin

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In app notifications of executed order


Excuted and trigger .if we can use ringtone and vib…that would be great👍 @nithin

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You could mimic this with big target order in the Bracket order. If this does not work for you, it would be interesting to know the requirement. Please give more details.

Someones I need open target. In case of BO, if price comes to circuit band then order would be squared off. Where as co would remain open till square off time

One more. Ability to place stop loss of less than 1 in bo orders. Especially for low value scrips as even one point amounts to significant risk in them.

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Need a widget for Positions in mobile app. Currently there is a widget for Holdings but need a similar one for Positions.

Nothing… Just make sure the system doesn’t hang in high traffic like a market crash…


Good till cancel


There should be option Kite app , in order book to cancel all pending orders in one click.
Square of all in one click in position book.

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Besides total ,add another field of approx cumulative brokerage n charges for the trades taken.
But I doubt this would be implemented ahahaha

Firstly I’m very happy zerodha for long time
( only thing add to they hang some time but it’s happened )
I just want to few features

  1. adding multiple scripts in single time
  2. Depth section show how much open interest add ( shares wise & percentage wise also ) just like moneycontrol app show
  3. In app notifications for executed order

this 3 feature I want see added in next zerodha kite update


GTC, Good till cancelled.


Stock removal should be confirmed because on Android phone it is removed accidentally and sometime we not aware of it. Secondly there should be more scripts

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Show Target and Stoploss marked on the chart and be able to adjust stoploss with moving a slider up and down


There should be a feature in positions where you can group your positions.
e.g. I would like to group my NIFTY iron condor, while another group shows my Bull call spread of a stock and third group shows long straddle of bank nifty etc. Atleast 7-8 groups may be if possible.

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Keyboard shortcut to open Stock Info for a scrip similar to chart

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While placing order in fno, can we have a feature where we just enter the money value and let kite calculate the nearest complete number of lots that can be bought for that money. Will make it much easier to place orders quickly, instead of bothering with manually calculating how many lots I can buy.

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