What GLOBAL CUES effects the Indian market most?

what are the things that effect the Indian market most & what global cues do you watch for before market opening?

The global cues I watch out for are:

  • US Markets - how they performed overnight
  • Commodities - Oil and metal prices, as they have impact on specific sectors and in case of extreme movements, they can impact overall market
  • Dollar strength- just like oil, it can impact specific export oriented sectors (like IT, Pharma) or the overall market
  • Asian markets- how Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are doing
  • SGX NIFTY (up until August’18) - gives you a sense of gap up/down

Hope this helps…

Neha (www.VRDNation.com)


As per me, Monday market may see gap up with min 40+

  1. on 1 at mar , even Asian & us market was down but we opened in green, it was in green till 1-30. It shows strength of local market.
  2. yesterday US market closed in green, only Dow was down 60 points.
  3. North East results
  4. Auto sales are encouraging for the month of Feb.
  5. net FII was +ve after long gap.
    6)Short covering may happen.

These are my view.

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you have to take own educated guess. observe market for few months ( on how market reacts to different global/domestic triggers ). some days domestic triggers is stronger over global triggers & vice versa. for example if bjp winning in elections even if global markets are down our market are likely to gap up . but its just a guess. nobody can predict anything with certainity . as market is superior than all of us :slight_smile:

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mr trumps twitter account.