What happened nse dec 2021

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Nithin can you kindly elaborate what happened at 11:35 AM dec 21st ?
I saw your ET interview transcript.

Is it the issue in fyers and nse happened around same time?

P r sundar is telling all pending buy orders were cancelled. Is it correct?

Could you please share the link to ET transcript. Thanks

This is true. It happened with me as well. All My orders got cancelled in zerodha account as well as in my other brokers account too.

In such volatile sessions, can’t trust any broker, nor can we trust the exchanges. Loss is guaranteed in those sessions

Exactly… @maddy_Des people get angry at me when i tell retail people must avoid trading as income source. The whole system is a casino and they operate in nexus. Stock market events are never accidents

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Here is the link

Trust me something some scam has happened on Monday to grab shares at discount from retail people. Some big hands in nse. Meanwhile fyers had pathetic system so much that it is scary to keep holdings as investor also

More people died in road accidents yesterday than trader’s who faced losses.
Risk is there from Agriculture to Space Exploration.
If it is always big fish eating small fish then you would not have read news of big banks, hedge funds, brokers getting bust each year, year after year.
In each and every case its always chemistry of GREED, FEAR, RISK, MM.

Few days back my broker had downtime and I managed my long positions using funds with another broker.
Anything can go wrong anytime . Anything can just stop suddenly - Electricity, Computer, Internet, Broker, Exchange, your heart!!!
Anything can happen suddenly - Flash Crash, Earthquake, Asteroid hit.

One can only remain prepared for the worst.

I know you are still unable to decode art and craft of trading.
So either focus on that or just ignore us Idiot traders.


Nobody gets angry at you for propagating your ideas however childish and idiotic they are.

Only time I get charged up when you “prophesized” about our fates and then went on boasting that one day we will come to you.

No, our client orders are not cancelled, only few clients with cp (custodial) code were cancelled, those are under 50. So, I can say we didn’t face any issue but news is that few other brokers faced issue which I can’t guarantee.

@maddy_Des oh coming to me means not literally coming to me…that means coming to my ideology …

Sometimes my tone is hard but see the happenings. If making profits ok but those in loss must rethink.