What happened to federal bank

Can any one can explain why today share tanked 13% …
Secondaly will tomorrow it will recover around 95 + levels…
Please suggest

Because i have entered @88.90

Bad q4 results

Hi @ranjit_rajale,

Federal Bank negatively surprised the investors by declaring highest every quarterly slippages of loans into NPAs (Non Performing Assets). To make matters worse, mid cap stocks were under severe selling pressure today and hence the stock didn’t find any bargain hunters even at 12% lower price.

The stock has broken down on charts with a gap, which typically indicates heavy selling pressure that can continue beyond today’s session. The next support on the chart seems to be around 87-88 levels. In general, any fall like this take a little while to come back to previous levels.

If you are an investor, these fluctuations should not bother much but if you’re a trader- please never hold positions overnight before the results are going to b announced because you never know what kind of results will be out.

All the best


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