What happened to networth based buying rule

There was a talk of restrictions for investors to invest in stock market based on their networth that will be arrived by ITR return

Like if someone earns 30 lac per annum he can invest only that much based ob his itr income statements

@nithin @siva any idea what happened to that rule?


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don’t you have anything better to do?

@manas111 you dont have anything better to do than to come out and tease others

This is not ur family forum. Stay out if u dont like a thread

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This is my family forum @nithin is my brother in law so you stay out or I will tell him to ban you

@manas111 still this is a public forum and people have all moral rights to post questions. If u don’t like a topic u can skip that.

All I asked was a simple question and for that I dont expect Nithin to ban someone.

If close circles start dictating wat to post and wat not to post then I dont want to elaborate where the buck will stop

If still nithin wants to ban for a simple thread its not that heavens will fall

Its not that this networth rule topic was new to brokerage community either.

no no now you have made me angry tomorrow morning during breakfast i am going to tell him to put a temporary 1 week ban for you

@manas111 no need to take all that strain.
Even I dont want to be part of a forum where a common question will receive a teasing reply and if we object to it then next thing is ban.

Take ur privilege and enjoy life. No need to get angry and waste precious time and energy on this

People are watching and good luck sir .

In future when people report zerodha errors and issues atleast be courteous to them.

but this is my family forum you have to follow my family’s rules

Don’t worry I will not bring this subject up with him during breakfast tomorrow but don’t make me angry next time

Its ok sir u can block me using ur authority.
No loss for u and no loss for me either.

I will myself remove my account once I hear back from nithin on his view one last time.

all i did was asking a common relevant question which arises in anyone’s mind . I never used any unparliamentary word also.

It is not about zerodha technical error frustration also

Sir Now how will I know this question is fit for nothing and that forum rules prevent me from asking? U could have ignored if a topic is irrelevant to u.

But u scolded me saying i dont have anything better to do in life. At that point I replied back pointing that this is not private family forum

@nithin @siva @Bhuvan and other moderators

not sure u endorse this type of ban threat but nobody is permanent anywhere .

Its very unfortunate that our every topic must be interesting to priveleged people or else be ready to take scoldings. Good luck anycase.

Nothing wrong about him asking that question.

Oh man I was joking buddy

No need to take so personal, you can reply in funny way.

You really thought I was @nithin s brother in law? And I will talk about this during breakfast?


@manas111 @siva @nithin
People do believe sir. This is a serious trading forum and not time pass forum.

It is actually really concerning to me whether my personal zerodha account itself will be safe or not going forward and I am already thinking in that direction .

Tomorrow someone else may post a zerodha error and another will come and say I am Nithin’s uncle and threaten to withdraw funds or sell stocks if we post zerodha downtime. How will we be able to distinguish which is fake threat and which is genuine threat?

Reputation trust and mutual faith are key things.

We never know after karvy episode whom to trust and whom not to trust.

In very zerodha ,a karnataka based doctor lost his entire demat holding by phishing scam by forceful buying of a penny stock.

People are watching these threads and discussions.

Anycase thanks Shiva for ur reply.

Now I know where things stand and how deep the world of stock market is

I think there should be a strong rebuttal from moderators. this is not a forum for time pass/jokes.

Ah good’ol days. I was put on censor for I don’t know how many days.
Forum rules have changed a lot it seems.
@ksksat I remember during my college days, I barged into and loudly asked in otherwise pin drop silent cafeteria - “India haar gaya kya?”. I asked because few overs before India was on verge of losing the match. Don’t ask me hat happened later.
But you have this knack of pushing the wrong buttons. Other people get piqued. Hell, you even tag the adversery eons later to try to push you pointless point.
FYI, it is rumored that Tyagi saab has an account in this forum. And he is on the look out of another issue to fuck up the lives of traders. Why give him ideas.

Tyagi Sir, (whatever handle you are using) plz plz ignore ksksat.


This very same topic was discussed in this forum not long ago. This is not a product of my imagination or invention.

Tyagi sir term is extended. He can do anything. Why dump that frustration on me

Sebi plans to cap our margin on our net worth

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Capping margin based on ITR/networth is actually a good suggestion. Some newbies may make a mistakes which can result in entire savings getting wiped. Its a good safety catch