What happens if you sell an option with no open Interest?

As of today if I check the BANKNIFTY options chain on nseindia.com for 8th July expiry several options have no OI, like the 33,900 put option. If I click the hyphen in that row it does open a like this - https://www.nseindia.com/get-quotes/derivatives?symbol=BANKNIFTY&identifier=OPTIDXBANKNIFTY08-07-2021PE33900.00

Is it possible to sell this option or will the order stay pending until there is a buyer for it?

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This is an illiquid option. For you to sell the option, there has to be a buyer on other side, until then the order will remain pending.

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Please keep limit order while placing such kind of orders…

For illiquid options there will be lot of difference between Ask and Bid price

My observation is most of the next week options of Bank nifty will be liquid from current week Monday onwards …
If u go with roundoff numbers like 34000, 33500… liquidity will be there most of the times…

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