What happens in Saturday NSE market? Can we trade?

Other than zerodha, I have an account with another broker. On few Saturdays I have seen there is trading going on in Nifty Spot market with huge volatility. Swings of nearly 20% on both sides. What is actually happening? Can we trade? After,the market is closed all values are reverted to Friday closing.

That was contingeny drill trading session…one cannot trade that…check this link




You can trade, But there will be no obligation to your account for the trades done on MOCK sessions held by exchange.Usually the mock sessions are conducted on the first Saturday of every month, If there is a change in the dates Exchanges informs the same through circular.

Regarding price variation, they just want to test out all the possible scenarios.

For Monday, the closing prices will be of Fridays not of Mock sessions (i.e, Saturday).