What happens to my order when stock open in circuit up?


What happens to my SL-M order when you place an order just below the circuit limit and stock opens at the circuit limit and continues going up after the circuit opens?

For example

Previous close 50

Circuit limit at 55

Buy order placed at 54.95

The stock opens at 55 or above 55

My order will get rejected or it will be executed?

If it is sl-m then order will be released and pending at 55 as limit as it is circuit, it may get traded or may not, no guarantee of execution if circuit is released and stock is going up.

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When you say may or may not…

Does that mean stock will not be bought from 55.05 to 60 at market (the next circuit) ?

And the order will be open at 55 only ?

Will be open at 55 only.

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Hi siva,

Can you check on this? Our order was placed at 54.80 in yes bank today for sell. The stock opened down in the lower circuit and our order got rejected.

You mentioned that order will be open but it’s completely rejected …in this case, we have to sit in front of the screen to check if our order doesn’t get rejected.

Proof attached.

Its rejected in case it opens in lower circuit.

That is out of circuit limits right?

Ohh…That’s right !