What happens to my orders if 2 different CO are placed?

Suppose if I place a 2 CO order in Nifty futures what happens to my net position.
Order 1
BUY entry at market price(lets take 15000), 1
Stop loss is 20 points, this is 14980
This got executed and my sell order is currently pending.
(Order 1 is still open)
Lets say market is at 14990 and I place another CO.
This time sell CO at 14990 and stop loss is again 20 points that is at 15010.

Now what happens to my position? Will my current long future gets closed and I will have 2 pending orders or will I have 2 positions long and short at different entry prices ?

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Long position will be closed with two pending sl orders, you can check it by yourself by placing co for 1 share in any small value eq stock.