What happens to the avg Price Calculation if CNC is short Sold and brought back on the same day

Hi, I wanted to know how is the average price is will be calculated.
For ex:
I have brought RCOM @ 17Rs
Again I have brought at @ 25Rs , now my average is 24Rs.
Now all this scrip of RCOM are in my holding A/c for for more than 1 Weeks that means I have received the delivery.
Now suppose if I exit my holding position @ 30Rs at 9.15Am monday, its been showed in my position account, and my holding a/c shows zero holdings, and the P/L in position shows red/green based on the price movement. Based on that I again exit from the position & brought it back again @ 29Rs on the same day before market gets closed with a profit; basically short selling.
So in my position its shows profit of 1k, what happens to the holding side now?
Now I want to hold this stock again for a week as I brought it back on the same day, so

  1. What will be the average price of the stock now, it was 24Rs before?
  2. Will it impact the average price?
  3. What about the short selling profit i made, will it come in my account?

it will be same as it was, in your example it was 24 so will remain 24

day trading will not impact the average price of stocks in your demat account

yes you will get the profit in your trading account, it is done while downtrend in holding stock. but better if you do intraday in MIS, because if you have sold in CNC and didn’t buy back before closing, shares will deduct from your demat

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