What happens when price changes suddenly of a stock

If I bought MRF at cmp 47500 and put a sell order at RS 47510, and now stock will move suddenly to RS 47520 from RS 47500. Is my sell order will execute or it get skipped?

hElLO tRaDeR,

If you have placed a LIMIT sell order at 47510 , your shares will be sold at 47510 or higher depending on the best bid available in the market, but not less than 47510.


Can this procedure will be same if I shortsell at 47500 and stoploss is at RS 47510 and stock moves direct to RS 47520 from 47500?

Hi, For the second case, you need to Place a STOP LOSS BUY LIMIT order with trigger and price at 47510. Your stop loss order gets active on the price reaching 47510 and waits for a fill at 47510 or less depending on the best ask available in the market. Also keeping in mind that when there is a price breakout it takes a while to get the order filled at your set price.