What happens when the upper or lower price band in the stock gets break

What happens when the price band in the stock gets break???

Hmmm… well it continues breaking buddy! I call it breaking band :wink:

The circuit keeps on advancing! 10% - 15%- 20% and so on!

Does the trading for that day stops once the circuit is broken???

it doesn’t happen, when it reaches that band price, it becomes unavailable for the entire day


Pls explain in detail

explain what?

On breaking the circuit the trading stops so u can trade in that stock only on the next day


Before few days that is on the result day of Bharat Electronics the stock has broken the upper circuit than also the trading is done continuously i have seen

That is why i m asking this question

seems you have seen or interpreted wrong then. which date was it can you tell

Wait i m trying to check the date

and what were the price and band price as you believe or see

31st july was the date of result

On that day the upper band was 118 and the price touched 118

I know the upper band but if u know where we can check the lower and upper band than pls tell me i will check and tell u the exact price bands of the stock on 31st july

then 118 wasn’t the circuit value. where did you saw it?


you saw it on 31 July itself right?

Yes i saw it on 31st july

But on 31 st july the days high was 119.65