What happens with triggered but unexecuted LIMIT orders from GTT?

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The following page states the behavior of GTT orders, its triggers etc.

However what will happen in case when price triggers an order but does not get executed? Such that trigger price for BUY action is placed at 80 and order execution price at 85. Here we assume that 85 does not exceed price bands.

If a specific day opens at 79 and makes high of 82 and closes at 82, then on that day, LIMT order that was placed at 85 would not execute.
In next few days if price goes below 79 and again hits 82, then is system is going to fire another LIMIT order for 85?
System is going to retain or save the triggered but unexecuted LIMIT order of 85?

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That limit order will likely get executed at the market price. This support page explains it with an example -

Explanation with an example

In the below screenshot, the LTP of SBIN is 185.40; the best bid and offer are at 185.35 and 185.40 respectively.

5 Level Depth

If you place a limit buy order at 190, since there is an offer to sell at 185.40, SBIN will be bought at 185.40. Since buying at Rs.185.40 means you are getting the stock for Rs. 4.60 less than what you are willing to pay.

GTT orders are only triggered once. This is mentioned in this blog post -

  • A GTT trigger is valid only once. So, if an order fired by a GTT is not filled at the exchange for any reason, you will need to re-place the GTT order manually.