What if I have more that 10 entry conditions?

hello @Streak

I am currently on your Ultimate Plan, but in it, only 10 entry/exit conditions are supported at max is it??

how to create the strategy when I have more than 10 entry/exit conditions??


Kindly revert on priority!!

Thank you

Hello @Shalini_Shankar

Kindly note that in the Ultimate plan since you can add a maximum of 10 entry-exit conditions blocks, you can only add a max of 10 “AND and OR” conditions using these blocks.

However, if you want to create more than 10 Entry/Exit conditions, you can do so using the Advance mode for strategy creation, you can incorporate multiple conditions inside the same block and use the combination of “AND” and “OR” after each condition, as per your requirement.

You can refer to the below links to learn more about the Basic strategy creation mode and the advanced strategy creation mode.
Basic mode- Create (Basic) - Streak Help
Advance mode- Create (Advanced) - Streak Help