What if i place a stop loss on bracket order very low so that only my target hitting probability becomes more

is this possible in any broker platform or is it possible in zerodha platform that that the bracket order target is purposefully kept very close to entry and the stop loss is kept very low, so that the chances of hitting the target becomes more and the chances of hitting the stop loss is near to zero. is this possible?

If the intention is to make profits quickly on high volume trades, I would prefer to have a wider stop loss.

Try this strategy:(For trading only on daily chart - not intraday timeframes)

Set RSI indicator on kite to 5 days, with levels 60 and 40.

Overlay moving average (exponential), period 3 days.

Place your bracket order to buy if yesterday’s close price is above moving average line, and rsi is above 60.

With this strategy you will have a higher probability trade, so you can set a wider SL.

Target can be kept at whatever low level you want.

Say you are trading a scrip priced at around Rs.500/-, which has a leverage of 20.80 times under bracket/cover order margins.

A target of Rs. 2.50 and a SL of Rs.10 will give you a 10%+ profit for the day.

Rinse and repeat for next day.

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thanks, will surely try this.
happy trading to you