What if Share value becomes ZERO

I was wondering what if the share price of Vakrangee and Gitanjali Gems reaches to the level ZERO or near to Zero. (As they are touching lower circuit every day)
Will these companies be delisted by BSE/NSE? What about my shares, Will My shares be forfeited by Govt?
Can I purchase a huge amount of shares at very low price i.e.10,000 shares @ 0.5 Rs?

You can purchase shares at any price as long as there are sellers! If there are not, you won’t be able to buy.

Not necessarily. If a company has assets (fixed or intellectual property) or anything valuable (like a brand, distribution network, international relations etc.), it may attract certain big investors to get in when the valuations are dirt cheap. It happened in case of Satyam when Mahindras took the company over. However, given the magnitude of legal troubles Gitanjali Gems is in, I doubt any serious investor would like to catch this falling knife. I may be wrong but seems too big of a mess to handle.

A lot of times, these companies bottom out and become lowly traded penny stocks and never recover back. BSE routinely delists such company because of lack of trading activity. Now, even if the share price goes to zero and/or the company get delisted, you will have always have your shares (though worthless ).

My advise is to stay away from at least the Gitanjali Gems and not get adventurous until you see a very reliable bottom formation happening in the stock.

~Neha (www.VRDNation.com)