What if there are no buyers or sellers for MIS order?

Let’s say if someone offered a share at some price and luckily someone accepted that offer if it was MIS order at what price will that be closed at the end of the day if there are no buyers or sellers?

If there is no bid and offers for your intraday position(stocks) you can’t do anything on the trading day.

if you have the buy position you will get this stock your demat after T+2 days.
If you have the sell position you will have to give the delivery to exchange on T+1 day, if not it will be considered short selling and auction will be takeplace(about stock short selling please read this link)

What if I don’t have enough funds for delivery.

Most of the stock which doesn’t have volatality won’t allow for intraday trading you need to do delivery based trading and full margin will be required.
If it is allowed you won’t get any margin leverage for this, you need to have complete margin for intraday buy or sell.
if it is allowed and margin leverage is there, then your account will go to debit which you need to clear by transfer the funds or selling those stocks in next working day.

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