What Indicators would you like to have on Kite?


Ys goto feature does that. Cn type any date n time and it takes to that date immediately


1 - Previous Day High Low
2 - 2 Day ago high low
3 - Previous Day close
4 - Weekly High Low


There should be option to load an indicator on indicator.


What about market profile. No1 in Industry including abroad gives Market Profile data on mobile if u provide the same … Just imagine the growth



Could you please Elder Bull Power and Elder Bear Power? The explanation here is pretty neat -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3eFqlCSm7g



Volume profile with fixed range and session


Renko with wicks


previous day close
previous day high
previous day low
previous day open
intraday high and low and open

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Advance decline ratio (bar) indicator please.


I would like to have 04 Hour Chart


Open Interest dynamic indicator,Volatility live,Market/ Volume profile,like in Bell TPO software,Change in Open interest at different strike prices in the form of Bar charts


Stochastic Momentum Index
This is available on Chart IQ but not available on Trading View free version. The pine script is as below

study("Stochastic Momentum Index", "SMI", overlay=false)

q = input(10, title="%K Length", type=integer)
r = input(3, title="%K Smoothing Length", type=integer)
s = input(3, title="%K Double Smoothing Length", type=integer)
nsig = input(3, title="Signal Length", type=integer)
matype = input("ema", title="Signal MA Type", type=string)  // possible: ema, sma, wma, trima, hma, dema, tema, zlema
overbought = input(40, title="Overbought Level", type=float)
oversold = input(-40, title="Oversold Level", type=float)

trima(src, length) => sma(sma(src,length),length)
hma(src, length) => wma(2*wma(src, length/2)-wma(src, length), round(sqrt(length)))
dema(src, length) => 2*ema(src,length) - ema(ema(src,length),length)
tema(src, length) => (3*ema(src,length) - 3*ema(ema(src,length),length)) + ema(ema(ema(src,length),length),length)
zlema(src, length) => ema(src,length) + (ema(src,length) - ema(ema(src,length),length))

smi = 100 * ema(ema(close-0.5*(highest(q)+lowest(q)),r),s) / (0.5 * ema(ema(highest(q)-lowest(q),r),s))
sig = matype=="ema" ? ema(smi,nsig) : matype=="sma" ? sma(smi,nsig) : matype=="wma" ? wma(smi,nsig) : matype=="trima" ? trima(smi,nsig) : matype=="hma" ? hma(smi,nsig) : matype=="dema" ? dema(smi,nsig) : matype=="tema" ? tema(smi,nsig) : matype=="zlema" ? zlema(smi,nsig) : ema(smi,nsig)

p_smi = plot(smi, title="SMI", color=#FF8000, transp=0)
p_sig = plot(sig, title="Signal", color=#804000, transp=0)
p_bot = hline(oversold, title="Oversold", color=#00FF00, linestyle=dashed)
p_top = hline(overbought, title="Overbought", color=#FF0000, linestyle=dashed)
fill(p_bot, p_top, title="Middle Region", color=white, transp=85)
fill(p_sig, p_smi, title="SMI/Signal Region", color=smi>sig?green:maroon, transp=50)
fill(plot(oversold,color=lime,editable=false,transp=100), p_smi, title="Oversold Region", color=smi<oversold?#00FF0040:#FFFFFF00)
fill(plot(overbought,color=red,editable=false,transp=100), p_smi, title="Overbought Region", color=smi>overbought?#FF000040:#FFFFFF00)

hist = 2 * smi - 2* sig
plot(hist, title='SMI Histogram', color = change(hist) <= 0 ? red : green, linewidth=4, style=histogram, transp=80)
  1. Darvas Box
  2. Prev Day OHLC lines

Hi @Kshiteesh_Saralaya, since you started this post, would you care to let us know which ones have you shortlisted or started working on.


Will update in few days.


Hi! I was wondering if providing pre-loaded watchlists, as a part of Kite or as a separate entity, would be possible. Watchlists such as Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50, Nifty 100, Nifty 200, Nifty 500, Nifty IT and the likes are very very handy and useful. @siva @nithin


We can upto nifty 50, but how to provide nifty 500 in one watchlist? will do in coming days for sectoral indices and nifty 50.


There is relatively large number of indicators that should be available to all traders in order to be able to do proper stock analysis. I think that Market Profile should be always available in any platform, then also some stochastics