What is a Blue Chip stock?


Blue Chip stocks are the shares of well performing comapnies. These are less speculative, highly liquid, market leader and having high market capitalisation. The comapny is usually a household name, thereby justifying the term ‘Blue Chip’.

One can refer the Investopedia link-

Blue chip stocks are the stocks of large and well established companies. These companies usually have very high earnings and have a record of stability and good corporate management. These compannies have great finanacial strength and pay dividends regularly.


Is there any list which can show, what are those companies?

Examples of such companies are ONGC, RIL, ICICI Bank, ITC, Infosys, HDFC Bank, TCS, SBI Bank etc

Thanks. I was looking for something like this
I think there is no predefined published list. I could say most companies in SENSEX would be blue chip.