What is ASD Margin for GSM and why is debited from the Ledger?

Bought “GOLDEN TOBACCO” Stocks on 07.07.2017.
My ledger has been debited for Rs.464/- for this purchase with remarks “ASD Margin for GSM Scrip”.
Can somebody explain whether it is a charge or it is just a margin required to buy the said stock that would be creditted back to the ledger?
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Check this - What is the ledger entry on my ledger for GSM?

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GSM (Graded Surveillance Measure) is an additional surveillance measure installed on a dynamic set of stocks to ensure market integrity.
There are 6 stages of surveillance actions as shown in the image below:

This is the NSE list and BSE list of GSM stocks and you will find that ‘Golden Tobacco’ is in the list with a Grade II surveillance measure.

Stage II has an Additional Surveillance Deposit(ASD) of 100% of the trade value which is what reflects in your ledger.
This amount will be released based on the following table:

Since you bought the scrip in July 2017, your ASD amount will be released back to your trading account on the 2nd Monday of Jan 2018.
Please refer to this NSE FAQ for more details.

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Thanks for the clarification.
What will happen if i sold the stocks this month itself?

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