What is disclosed quantity impact on order execution?

Two questions:

1.) In SL-L or SL-M, is disclosed quantity useless? Since no one can see our SL anyway?

2.) Example: If I am the first one to place buy limit order at RS 100.45 (1000 shares buy order with 100 shares disclosed). Then other people also place order at Rs 100.45. In this case, will all my 1000 share order get executed then other people’s or only 100 of my shares will get executed, then other people’s then mine?

I am asking the 2nd question because, when I place a buy order from 2 accounts at same price with disclosed quantity. Many times like 40% of my 1st account order gets executed and 25% of my second account. My 1st account order is supposed to be executed 100% first, then only my second account order.

Yes, All 1000 quantity will be executed if there is liquidity. Disclosed quanity is what gets displayed in the order depth

If trigger and Exit price are different, then when order goes live qty gets displayed in the depth (SL-L)

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Thanks bro.

But why am I facing this issue. Let me explain with an example

1.) Account 1: I place buy ITC at 200.05 - 1000 shares with 100 disclosed
2.) Account 2: I Place buy ITC at 200.05 - 1000 shares with 100 disclosed (but 10 seconds after I place in account 1).

When price reaches 200.05 but do not go below it. Many times I see like,

Account 1: 300/1000 orders executed
Account 2: 100/1000 orders executed.

Why account 2 orders get executed before account 1?

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Order execution is as per Order matching system at the exchange. It depends on the order at which your two orders flow from broker terminal to exchange ( even after a 10 seconds gap), . Maybe order 2 reached exchange first and queued first. This should not be a problem in highly liquid stocks like ITC because 10000s of orders are usually piled up at each tick.