What is happening?

@siva : what is happening to zerodha ? Why options price cannot be closed ?

LTT time is swinging between 9.35 am and 9.31 ama … while current time 9.42 am.

its probem of zerodha or NSE ?

Quotes are wrong, charts are wrong. What is going on ?

This is frequent issue now with zerodha…start blaming NSE, SEBI, link etc…all the entities are in mess it seems

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no issue with other brokers, as other traders are able to trade


same here .i was not able to exit…my orders got rejected alawys lost rs 1100 because of that…

Unable to close the positions

Please check it

Yeah, issue from exchange, all brokers are facing this.

hellow charts are not printing , its printing in DOT - price are fluctationg wide market dept . zerodha do some thing, dont put us in danger @siva - SLM order will not help in this kind of technology

NSE should be penalised, they are earning huge money but systems are always shaking. You guys must take it seriously with them as this is now a regular thing & traders lose a lot of money due to this mess

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where do you think the money that traders lose go to?

To other traders.

Their TNC would state that they aren’t responsible for any losses arising out of such a situation …

One of my friend take short BN option 22500 strike @10 - 40 lots , 10 am the price is 1 , he try to square off in the market price its squared off @45 , he is in loss now , i dont know how w e can trade , all algo system got confused
one day will come us bad day in diffrent way in the market


Now zerodha blocked market order

Now you will be forced to exit at a loss

@nithin nse saying the news is wrong .

stop trading guys as you would surely lose money…all traders should go on strike now :grinning:

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haha…as i mentioned above zerodha keeps blaming NSE & media/NSE say something else

NSE is not saying any problem , motilal is working smoothly in desktop

still zerodha option premium are flucation 50 % here and there