What is IPV in regards to new account opening

For Zerodha Equity Account opening, what is “IPV not completed by the applicant”

Also what is “CPG Rejections User”

IPV or In-person verification as the name suggests is a process where the broker verifies the client and his documents in person, as per the Circular set by SEBI. Refer to the below article:


(CPG is a service provider that assists Zerodha with document verification and checks.)


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If IPV is already done and KYC has verified status …does a client need to IPV again with zerodha?
Client already have active trading+demat account with other leading broker.

Yes, as an internal policy, we insist on an IPV to be done even if the client is KYC verified. Since the process is online, doesn’t take too much time/effort.

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