What is ITC BE,ITC BL and ITC 6?

Whenever i search ITC on kite web then i get this

There are various categories a stock can trade in such as, EQ, BE, BT etc. B category stocks are settled on a trade for trade basis, not intraday trades are allowed in these stocks. To find out if a stock is trading in ‘B’ category you can check out the NSE stock quote page.

A stock can trade in only one category at any given point of time. In this case, NSE is trading in the EQ category.

Star Cement as you see is currently trading in BE category. B category stocks also have daily circuit limits, which can be found on the same page. If a stock has a circuit limit of 5%, it essentially means that stock can move up or down only by 5% during a trading day.

Stocks are moved to various categories depending on the regulations and exchange stipulations. They are also moved to categories such as B to reduce excessive speculation. Check this link to know more about the qualifications for a stock to be moved to B category.

NSE has a special window for trades of orders with a minimum quantity of 5,00,000 shares or minimum value of Rs. 5 crore whichever is lower. These are called Block Deals and are carried out in the BL series.

If you are wondering about the BUY/SELL buttons in the screenshot, they appearing because I am using the Kite chrome extensions which you can download from this link.