What is KITE API?

What is KITE API, i don’t have IT background, how can it be useful for me?


You may refer the below discussions.

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Hey Karthik, if you don’t have programming background, this will not be of much use. Check this post.

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HI I don’t think if you are not programmer then KITE API can help you.
this is mostly for programmers

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is nothing but a contract between two or more software. So when one software wants to communicate with another software; the designers write APIs which tells what services (functions) are exposed by a software and the data format (parameters) to be used during communication.

Zerodha API exposes their trading features like place, modify, cancel orders & reading portfolio details.

This API can be used by any developer who wants to connect their own software with Zerodha’s trading system.