What is Margin?

I have bought some shares yesterday and I did nothing today but still I can see margin available equal to the account value so, what is this margin ? and how come is it equal to my account value ?, sometimes it shows Margin used as well.

I am new to stock market but as far as I know, magins are dependent upon MIS orders and open CNC orders. please correct me is I am wrong.

I don’t understand margins at all, can someone please explain it in depth ?

Margin is amount bloked from your account balance for any trades you initiated weather CNC/MIS/NRML. It just depends on account type and order type, in MIS allowable trades, it might block margin 1/4th or 1/10th and in case of CNC, it blocks full amount of your trade.

Here, in Zerodha, it almost immediately blocks full amount from balance as margin for many of non Nifty-50 stocks even for MIS positions, i have already suggested them to block amount only if we take delivery irrespective of order type.

Hope this will clear as margin amount and account balance. Please correct me if i have wrong idea of the same.