What is most common among institutional investors, Deliverable Qty (or) Intraday trading without delivery

Do FIIs do only delivery based trading or they do intraday trading too? Which one is predominant?

If Foreign Inst. Investors or Domestic Inst. Investors, involve in intraday trading, the volumes on that particular day would be very high, indicating bullishness when checked along with price (blue candle).

How to avoid this trap during intraday (delivery information is only available by evening)?

Intraday trading is common among all institutional investors. They do have a pre-defined money management policy, and they divide the money in fixed ratio for Long Term/Short Term/Intraday Trading. I got this info from a friend who works with a prominent Investment firm .


Although I’m neither an FII nor an Institution,I think most of them have positions for more than one day. Since the quantum of securities they buy will be huge, I don’t think it’d be feasible for them to buy & sell everyday.

Thanks for the info