What is my "16 digit BO ID" for zerodha account to buy IPO?

To buy IPO banks ask for BO ID of demat account. Is it [DEPOSITORY ID+BENEFICIARY ID] from zerodha back-office profile ?

Hey, Dipesh,
You can find your DP and Beneficiary ID under the profile section of Q.
Check this thread for more.


While applying for an IPO, you will require your 16 digit Beneficiary Account Number.

Your 16 digit Beneficiary Account Number = 8 digit Depository Participant(DP) ID + 8 digit Client ID with DP*

Client ID is also called Beneficiary ID or Client Account number.

Zerodha is a DP with CDSL. The DP ID of Zerodha is 12081600

ILFS is a DP with NSDL. The DP of ILFS is IN300095

You will find your Client ID/Beneficiary ID from your backoffice q.zerodha.com > Profile
You can also call our contact centre at 080-40402020 to avail this information.

While applying via Netbanking for IPO say from HDFC,

  1. When you apply as a CDSL account, You have to enter the 16 digit Beneficiary Account Number completely.

  2. When you apply as an NSDL account, you have to enter the 8 digit DP ID and the 8 digit Client ID/Beneficiary ID separately.

This depends on your bank’s netbanking IPO page design.

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Hi Bharat,
I have applied for SBI life IPO using zerodha Dp account from axis bank internet banking account. I don’t hold any demat account with my bank. I just used the bank’s website to apply for the IPO.
I received message that I got allocated. Where do I check/sell the shares once they are listed? Do I login into zerodha or will they be displayed in my banks website.
Thank you.

They will show up in your holdings in Zerodha on listing day. The shares will go to demat account. Bank is just a facilitator for payment in IPO application.

Hi team, can any one help me to file the IPO through sbi net banking, since its not taking my zerodha bank BO n DP ID’s( some artical is saying after 2015 registration not carrying IN before ID number, so what to do in that case.?

But with zerodha its asking alphabate numeric order since my zerodha demat account holding only 8 digit DP n BO id’s so what to do here.? Please your reply would be qppreciable

Manoj, IN is required for Demat accounts held with NSDL, your Demat account with Zerodha is held with CDSL, please select CDSL option and then proceed further. You check out this post to know more.