What is Pledging and Hedging?

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Pls explain me with an example of Pledging and Hedging. In which asset class we can do Pledging and Hedging and what are the benefits

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Pledging is similar to gold loan we take in banks. You pledge your gold (shares) in bank(broker) and get money.

Ex:Lets say you have 100 shares of company ‘X’ in your demat and you want some money to trade in F&O then you can pledge shares in your demat to your broker and get money.

Hedging is risk management strategy used to reduce your probability of loss from price movements.

Ex: you bought nifty futures at 7510. Now there is a chance that nifty may go down and bring you say 10% of loss.To reduce your risk of loss you either sell nifty call options or buy nifty puts. Now your risk of loss is reduced to say 5%. This process is called hedging.

To understand more about hedging refer to zerodha varsity link:- http://zerodha.com/varsity/chapter/hedging-futures/