What is pros & cons of day vs long term trade

  1. Less margin required for day trade, in long term your 100% money (for that particular position) is blocked and it is not always that your position is in profit . 2. You may miss the chance if your position which u sqrd off on previous day has oped gaped up today. similarly, you have protected your capiral by not holding it overnight if it has opened gaped down today. 3. You will not get benefit of dividers, bonus, splits, rights etc on intraday position. 4. You also have to pay STCG. If you trade intraday in equities. which not the case in long term positions (if held more than 365 days). 5. Intraday position will give you good profit on your capital by churning it daily. And sometimes if your position is in loss, you may not get any returns even if you keep it for more than 365 days.
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