What is reason behind SUNILHITEC price crash from Rs 400 to Rs 12?

NSE: SUNILHITEC Nov 2, 2016 it was Rs 400. Can anyone explain the technical analysis behind this? Is it advisable to hold or exit and book loss?

In December there is a Split (10:1) and Bonus (1:1), so the price is adjusted now. Ex-date was 1/12/2016.
In the last one year, they don’t seem to have much earnings growth, so there is a price decline, I presume. If you look at the monthly charts it is a downward sliding trajectory. But the PEG is around 0.72, so If it’s a long-term investment, then you could check other fundamentals and hold.

As per this the Nov price is Rs. 10. Present price is 12 seems OK. You check whether you got bonus shares and add shares as per split