What is Sentinel?


Mobile alerts will be available pretty soon.


Any Plan to Include this ?


i have raised a ticket #20180522580408 for Weekly OHLC and Monthly OHLC inclusion in Sentinel attributes but no response


This may not be possible.


can i get alert on kite web or i have open sentinel tab separately ??
kindly guide


You will get a notification on Kite.


me and my frieds are setting sample alerts to get used to it.actually my friend set the alert half and hr back on sentinel but didnt received any notification on kite. but when checked on sentinel alert was triggered.
thats y i’m asking??


Intraday Price/Volume Change Interval
Hi, I am looking at setting alerts based on Intraday price/volume action for last X min (10, 15, 30 min, etc…).
However, it seems currently the only attribute available is Percent Change from previous market close or Absolute Change from Market Open. Can this option for smaller time frames be added?

Also, you don’t seem to have any parameter related to OI data. Any plans to add that?


Currently, you cannot set alerts for specific timeframes but the logic of > or< will remain the same right, not sure of the use case you are stating.

You can currently set alerts based on OI, OI day high and low.


You will get an alert if triggered.


The use case example is if I want to see if any stock’s price/volume has risen by X% in the last 10 minutes (at any given time within the trading hours). How can I set an alert for that?

Currently, the alert can only show price/volume increase from previous market close or market open, right?


But if you have a % in mind and if you create the trigger, you will get an alert regardless of the timeframe right?


When trigger happens & notification comes in that if chart view link is there it will be very helpful !!


This isn’t possible. We’ll soon have buy/sell button in the notifications.



Please let me know the list of 40 Data points Available in Sentinel Pro?


can we get trigger on the basis of indicator for example supertrend. if supertrend change the direction it should trigger


Sentinel doesn’t offer technical alerts. You can check out http://streak.tech/.


I can do this on Moneycontrol app also. Setting up alerts for free.
BSE has GTd so you can buy as well. If it had added buy/ sell at triggers it would have been useful.


I can see a scope of improvement for Sentinel:

  1. While setting up triggers, say you selected last traded price, the blank space asks you to to fill trigger price but I have to open a new tab in the browser to determine the price to set by checking the current price and movement. I mean you could just show the current price in realtime there itself.
    UX suggestion: If the user leaves the field blank, it shows the real-time price. Once the user fills up the price it does not anymore. Similarly, for the other rules, the respective value to be shown before filling up.

  1. When the trigger is fired, i see the trigger name in the email. But i do not see the price or the rule I had set up. Now imagine I have set up multiple triggers. I do not remember what price I had set up the trigger and what price is it now. I have to log in and then make up my mind to execute or not. Hence, time/ opportunity lost.

  1. Only triggers can be set on moneycontrol app. That too for free. What is the value add here?
    BSE allows for GTD triggers. NSE does not have such triggers. It would have been useful if Sentinel had allowed to buy/ sell at the fire of triggers. Giving an option to the users whether to execute actual buy/ sell or just an alert.

@Bhuvanesh @nithin would like to hear your say on the above.

  1. You can check the price, OHLC, Volume etc by hovering on the tool tip box
  1. This will be changed shortly.
  1. Way more intuitive and versatile than moneycontrol or any of the other alerting tools out there. :
    The value here is in the sheer number of data points available on Sentinel (many more to come) and advanced alerts feature with which you can combine multiple alerts to create a complex triggers. For ex, if the LTP of Relinace is > Reliance Futures.

We’ll soon have buy/sell button in the notifications.

The basic plan on Sentinel is free forever.