What is Sentinel?


It is absent in my dashboard. Please check my screenshot. Can you confirm please.




Just select the stock again or refresh the page and you should be able to see the tool tip.


@rupeshmandal We’ve pushed a small update. The price of the scrip you select will now be auto-filled. You can also check the tooltip for more info. :slight_smile:


Oh! thanks for implementing my suggestion :slight_smile:

One observation:
If I am logged in with my Kite login, it is showing the tooltip and is auto-filling the field.
But, if I am logging in with my gmail/ facebook, it is not showing the tooltip and neither auto-filling the value.
Please cross-check.


Checking this.


The tool-tip ill only be shown to Zerodha clients (people who login with Kite).


Just think about this case:
I am a Zerodha client. And my registered email is a rupeshmandal@gmail.com
And instead of kite login (because it asks 2 pass authentication), I choose to login with google/ facebook (to bypass the 2key password) where the same email id is registered, shouldn’t it do a check in the backend that the email id is a registered Zerodha client email id or not? Basis that you show this tooltip.
Though I didn’t get why we have to hide it from a generic google/ facebook login users (who are not zerodha clients).


We’ll see what can can do about duplicate logins. The reason why don’t show is the tool-tip to non-Zerodha users is because of regulations don’t allow us to expose live market data to non-clients.


It is not duplicate logins. When I login in with my gmail/ facebook, i can see the triggers i had set after logging in with Zerodha login earlier. So it is understanding that I am a zerodha client because the email google/facebook login returns is in records of Zerodha client database, and thus pulling the details of my saved triggers.

Just check the coding for tooltip module specifically, because it seems to be coded to check whether login is through zerodha login = yes/ no and depending upon it show/ hide the tooltip.

If the logic is changed to check if the email of logged in user = zerodha registered email yes / no, and then accordingly show/ hide the tooltip.

This will make sure you comply with SEBI guideline and also serve to if a zerodha client chooses to login through google facebook (it is human nature to choose convenience of bypassing the 2-key authentication).

What do you think of this solution?


Hmmm. They won’t oblige. Since you are going into technical … Will try and explain my best guess. The market data you are seeing in the tooltip is probably through an API via access token that is given to you for 24 hours for them to track the usage. It is only generated when a Zerodha session is created via login and 2 factor authentication. When you login via Google/Facebook the access token cannot be generated for it bypasses the Zerodha Login ( via client ID / password ). Hence, no market data calls can be made and therefore no tooltip. That is the technical limitation.

Also, simply using registered email for assuming Zerodha user privileges without authentication will expose them to other security risks especially after kite login is working everywhere else.

Hope you now see it through :wink:


@Bhuvanesh I missed an opportunity today because the email alert went to my promotion folder.
Please check this may be due to the volume of alerts or some other reason may be.


We’ll check but in the meanwhile, you can just drag and drop the Sentinel alert email to your inbox.


yes, i moved it to the primary tab and added the email to my contacts.


I logged in through Zerodha Kite and Got Trial of Sentinel Pro till 30th Jun 2018.
But I Ended the Subscription by mistake.
Is it possible to reactivate the Trial Subscription ?


@Bhuvanesh Could you please look into my Question ?


Can you please create a ticket here https://support.zerodha.com/category/trading-and-markets/sentinel.


hi can we create alert on 5 min candle pattern like hammer.


Alerts based on technical indicators aren’t possible on Sentinel. You can check out http://streak.tech/.


will it be launched in mobile as app?