What is the -BE symbol against almost all stock symbols?

Hi All,

I use Kite web application from Zerodha and I noticed many (but not all) stocks have a -BE listing.

For example, for State Bank of India, there are 2 listings of SBIN, one for NSE and another for BSE.
But, there is also a SBIN-BE.

Can anyone explain what that is?

I have the same query as above.
Can somebody answer it

SBI has four series - EQ, N2, N5, N6. There is no BE series for SBI. If you can have noticed it somewhere, can you please upload a snapshot.

EQ stands for normal equity shares which can be bought and sold on both intraday and overnight basis.

Some shares are not allowed for intraday trading, you will be required to take delivery of shares. These are listed under BE series.

The other series such as N1, N5, N6 represents the bonds and depentures floated by the company.

You can find the complete description of each series here - https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/mrkt_segment.htm

Hello Kartik,

Thanks for information.
As per the link BE series comes under the trade by trade segment.
I check but not able to find answer to below query kindly response.
I bought some shares from NSE of “T” segment/BE series.
Can i sell it on BSE?