What is the benefit of Trading Q&A points?

Should I be working hard to earn these points? Why?

How can I use these points? What advantage?


Points on trading Q&A is pretty much like the facebook likes. Expect that tradingqna is a lot more productive :slight_smile:

This is a free, community curate, information, and knowledge sharing portal. The points just indicate how useful your participation has been for the community. It is the communities way of thanking you for sharing what you know on markets.

Its just a good feeling to see the points, besides that there is no real benefit.

Stay tuned, and share what you know :slight_smile:


Many forums have the idea of tagging Reputation, to the user whose contribution is good. In this way if the reputation is higher, the person is gaining quite a good amount of knowledge on the forum and the questioners or one who seeks some information can consider more weightage to the answers/counsel offered by the person with higher reputation points,
Also be it a questioner or answerer, he should have learnt quite a lot while earning points higher and higher.

Thanks Karthik.

Lovely answer, Karthik