What is the best stock charting website?

If possible also try and elaborate your views on them.

There are plenty of softwares available in the market which are unique in their own ways. But my ranking preference is as follows:-

  1. Amibroker

  2. Metatrader

​3. Ninjatrader

​4. Metastock

  1. TradeStation.
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A website predicting the stock market to perfection can be considered the best stock charting website. And unfortunately stock market is so unpredictable that we cannot rate a particular website best for stock market. Though you can have your personal favorite for stock analysis.

My goto website for stock analysis and portfolio management is VectorVest.com. VectorVest analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs over 21,500 stocks daily for Value, Safety and Timing and gives a Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation on every stock, every day.

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