What is the best trading strategy according to you? And how has it helped in your trading?

For me, personally. The best trading strategy has been to trade in blue chips like SBI, Reliance, Kotak & IndusInd. Where I know the technical & fundamental strongly and buy 50-100 shares in a go and increase position with Rs.2-3 dip with a stoploss 10 rs lower to the trading price whenever I enter.

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For me, about 30% of my portfolio is large caps, I do passive investing in these via ETF/MFs. About 50% is invested into my selection of small and mid cap stocks and the rest 20% remains invested in liquid funds. I only take money out of these liquid funds to invest whenever market witnesses a sharp decline.

I’ve been trying to trade under short term use technical indicators such as RSI that has helped me. You can learn more about these trading in Zerodha partner products like Sensibull, Streak and also Learn app.