What is the best trading strategy to make consistent money?

Although there are a lot of topics around this, I want to get the perception of intermediate and advanced traders in the Indian market who are consistently in profits.

No one will share their profitable trading strategy here, ask yourself if you had such a strategy would you share it with someone else?
One has to find it himself, choose a trading style based on your personality,

A few points to help you:

  1. Most indicators are uselsss
  2. it will requires time and effort to find a successful strategy
  3. Never give someone else your money to manage.
  4. it will be wise to stay away from most of social media traders
  5. Runaway from tips and schemes of sure returns, run as fast and as far as possible.

Hope it helped!!:smiley:

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When it comes to trading, no strategy works properly, and this means that you will need to keep changing and updating your strategy in order to remain consistent and profitable. So, remain flexible and be strict only with your stop losses.

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