What is the best way to keep an eye on major news that affects nifty / banknifty?

I know one can watch business channels but is there any other way to keep an eye (not totally focused) events/news that affect nifty / bank nifty heavily? I don’t like the noisy channels and all are noisy.

Like any website or software ?
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Zerodha kite.
Look at watchlist

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google “trade setup” daily before market
and “what changed for the market”

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I know you said search google for trade setup but I believe that give you general idea what happened overnight etc. but I was looking for something like intraday …i.e. live market …because i have seen things change so dramatically …

For live NOTHING.
Only PA can tell.

You can check https://pulse.zerodha.com/ all news related to market is sourced there.


What is PA?

Price Action

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keep a tab of corporate announcements on NSE/BSE, everything is uploaded onto exchanges first.


Insiders know before that. :joy:
Charts are best


:laughing: I agree

You can check out the Market Outlook section of our official page for daily and weekly stock market news and updates.

Following… if anyone found anything

Useful info. Thanks for sharing here

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google “trade setup” daily before market
and “what changed for the market”

I am new in stock market…
I need information of Google trade setup that mention above

Google trade setup nahi re bhava!!!
“trade setup” google war search kar.

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Few other sources for getting a summarized view of the various news affecting the markets (not for live market)

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Check Money control always

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