What is the content of real volume?

which volume shows on chart,only equity cash volume?or it includes volume of futures and options?intraday volume and btst volume is there or not?

Let’s say you looking at reliance 1 day chart with volume bars.
Now it shows the trading volume/activity for that day only cash/equity.
It depends on time frame, 1 min shows volume in 1 min.
If you want to see futures volume, open futures chart for particular underlying.
All are seperate and depends on ticker name and time frame.

now if there are 5 buyers and 2 sellers,so price will form green candle And what about volume?volume will be 5 or 5-2=3 or 5+2=7 ?what will volume bar show?

Look at any point of time and at any price level if the price is moving, there are always equal no of buyers and sellers… If someone is buying then definitely someone is selling right… Now if the price is moving up i.e making green candle it means buyers are aggressive and they are ready to buy even at higher prices… And vise versa.

In case of upper circuit there is only buyers and is case of lower circuits there is only sellers…

Now reagarding volumes, volumes shows the total quantity of shares transactions happens between buyers and sellers…
So in the above example the volume will be 2

Hope you understand :pray::relieved:
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Volume would be 2, not 3


Yes typo. :sweat_smile: