What is the difference bet. EPS? Diluted-EPS? Adjusted EPS? EPS based on 'Weighted average no. Of outstanding equity shares'?

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Basic earning per share (EPS) is :

Profit After Tax (PAT) / Total number of share holders.

Example if a company makes Rs.100,000/- as profits and there are 10 shareholders, Basic EPS would be :

Rs.100,000/-10 = Rs.10,000 per share.

Diluted EPS takes into account all the future dilutions in share holding of the company. For example if in the above example if there are additional two persons who hold convertible shares (equivalent to 2 shares), then taking into consideration future dilutions, diluted EPS would be:

= Rs.100,000 / (10+2)


= Rs.8333/- per share


Can someone please help understand, why tatamotors eps and pe is still <0 when it is in profit now? I found pe is ttm, so basically, can i take earnings as last 4 quarters avg net income?