What is the difference between Market depth window and Snap quote window?

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Both are same, some terminals refer to it as Snap Quote while others as Market Depth.


Market Depth, Snap Quote and MBP/Market Picture window all are one and the same. Different softwares use different terminologies.

Example in zerodha

  • You can see the MBP/Market Picture window in web interface trade.zerodha.com (plain NOW like interface)
  • You can right click any scrip and choose Market Depth in Z5 HTML web interface
  • You can see the Snap Quote window in Zerodha Trader software version


This is an except from above link which explains Snap Quote and Market Depth are same

To see this we need to invoke what is called a ‘Market Depth’ window also referred to as the snap quote window. Invoking this is simple, highlight the symbol and press F6 and you will see a market depth window as shown below.

Ok Ajay, then why both the options are available in the same terminal?

Can you paste the screen shot of both?