What is the difference between weights and lots?

While logging in Zerodha web platform, I see something like Weights and Lots for BFO and MCX.

What does that signify?

If I choose weights, does that mean I need to provide weight units instead of contract lots?

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If you select lots you need to mention the number of lots in the quantity box. If you select weights you need to mention the number of units for example if you want to place a order for 1 lot of nifty futures under weights selection then you need to mention 50 in the quantity box which is the lot size for nifty in F&O. If you want to place order for the same contract under lots selection then you need mention 1 in the quantity box.


For equities weights is not applicable because you can’t measure shares in weights, were as commodities can be measured in weights as well as lots. This option you can select / use in MCX.

Only for MCX, while placing orders either you can place in weights or in lots. Eg:- SILVER for this you can mention 30 (kgs) which is equal to 1 lot, crude it will 100 as 1 lot is equal to 100 barrels. So like wise you can calculate & place orders.

Recommended or commonly lots size is used to place orders.

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Thanks for that!
What about commodity futures in case i choose Weights? What value to mention there?
In the startup, it shows BFO and MCX. Why not NFO? Is default in NFO is weights?

Thanks Praveen. But while opening web platform it asks for BFO also, why?

Yes, not sure why it is showing for BFO in web.