What is the easiest way to add CNX 500 Stocks to Market watch?

I want to add all the CNX 500 to Market watch, what is the easy way to do it rather than adding 500 stocks manually to 5 groups. (100 Each)

If you add 500 stocks to the marketwatch, the performance of your platform can drop by quite a bit. So most brokers limit between 30 to 100 stocks on a single marketwatch.

I am not sure, but manual addition is the only way I suppose.

The best, what I would do, is download the CNX500 list and take a print of scrip codes only.

While adding scrips in market watch (in web platform) it provides a search function, in which I can key in the first few letters, click Search and click Add to market watch and continue searching the second item.

I would do in this way.

You can also select multiple entries from search result and add them in single shot to market watch. This would save time.