What is the meaning of profit percentage of zerodha pi

When I run back test on the zerodha pi, it gives me the total profit, total loss and profit percentage.
I would assume the profit percentage to be the total profit divided by the total cost which I’m assuming is the cost of 1 stock (but not sure which transaction it takes to determine the cost of the stock because the price of the stock may vary over the back test interval. I’m assuming it to be the maximum cost of the stock during the back test as it appears to be the most conservative).

However, the profit percentage that I see does not seem to be related at all to this formula.

For example in one back test, I see
total profit: 45

Total loss: -122
percent profit: -168
largest profit: 20.9
largest loss: -47.75

The approximate average cost of the stock during the transactions in the back test period is Rs. 620 while the maximum is 650.

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Thank you. I went through the link that you have provided. The numbers in the zerodha platform still do not make any sense.
As I mentioned, in one of the back test the total profit is 45, the total losses 122. Therefore we have overall loss of 77 which is 122 -45.

Given that the price of the stock is more than 500 any way throughout the back test, the profit percentage of 168 just does not make any sense.

The link does not give the definition of profit percentage but does provide average profit and net profit percentage.

I have already asked zerodha support about this a week ago but there has been no response despite sending reminders.

Anyone else knows how to deal with this?

Thank you