What is the other credits and debits.. confused

Please explain what is this 3.7k other credit and debits debited from my account. This have happebd more than once and i want to clear this issue if it a from my side .

I talked to customercare. They bullishtted saying it is charge for margin shortfall. I sold equity and tuk fno positions and they are saying the eq cash cant be used in fno as margin . What the hell. If there s no margin either dont let me take position or notify me of the margin shortfall. I am not god to know this befor hand. As i am paying thrm more than 20 percnt of my profts as brokerage they should be interested in my progress also. I am planing to report this to sebi and file a petition if not resolved by them soon.

  1. There was cash in account
  2. If it cant be used as fno margin, notify me or dont let me take positon . Both not done.
    @nithin please respond to this . 3.7k is nt a small amount for me to loss. And also i have always responded to margin calls in 10 mins max. As ur stable customer and promoter i should be helped on this.

That is how it works, this is not something new which was introduced recently, it is same across all online brokers.
We will soon put up a link on kite funds page which lists all cases where it can lead to penalty.
So, once you sell equity it will take 2 days for the money to hit account, one can’t use that money to take fno position. Intraday trading would be fine and for now eq buying is also okay. For the same reason one can’t even withdraw that money.

Why did u let me take a position in fno with virtually zero margin money?? And penality my account fr tht? U are losing a good customer because of this. Let me lodge a conplaint to sebi regarding this. Ignorance is no pardon i know but this case i m nt ignorant. Ita only because u show tht cahs as marign i tuk the position . See you at sebi @siva @nithin

You always give this kind of shit reply. Your answer to this question seriously doesn’t make sense. There is some feeling in me everyday that I might be overshooting the margin.
Do you think this thing will help you in long term?
Obv in short term for not notifying customers about the way whether the margin can be used or not may get you some profits but, trust me this won’t last longer man!
A wise person can go a longer way than an unwise person.

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I liked the tech part of zerodha but, now I am too much scared while placing trade at zerodha since the trust factor has now got missing.
I will shift to icici direct neo this week. Their tach might be bad but, I feel my money is safe in their hands and they won’t lie atleast.
Don’t runaway from responsibilities mahn by saying this is not new. You know this is wrong. I have seem dozens of posts regarding this and this is actually a risk factor.
You might be the number 1 broker but, if someone else will get a good hand in tech then no one will choose you for sure.

Not sure if you have traded recently or following new SEBI rules, currently if any one sells from demat one gets only 80% and with that one can trade in any segment. Can check this.

One request from my end is after trading for a month with them please post your feedback here where we can improve ourselves.

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Joke of the year (or a past few). So you’ll only pick up things if icicidirect or other brokers are doing it?

@nithin - I feel this is a legit ask. If the fund balance can’t be used to take fresh positions, why show them under the funds section. Can be a more useful feature than the nudge feature I hear you talking about in literally every single interview.

Came to this thread for a different grievance I had, but don’t think the team is receptive enough or open for inputs. If I have paid a short margin penalty on a particular date, where can I see the details like margin required, margin available, shortfall, and penalty calculations? @nithin
Or will you also suggest me to trade with icicidirect for a month and come back only if they can answer on similar queries on their platform?