What is the requirement of margin to place a 2L order?

1.  What is the requirement of margin to PLACE a 2L order? 

a) The sum of margins individually for each order.


b) Span margin as shown in the margin calculator with benefits as applicable

2.  In cases where the margin cannot fall short  theoretically ( e.g. Buy 1 Lot Sun Pharma call @ 860 and sell 1 Lot call @870), do you auto square off such orders in case of intermediate price deviation/fluctuation?



  1. If there are some benefits showing in SPAN margin calculator, then these are given. If not, then the margin for each order individually is required whether it is 2L or 3L or any legged position.

2.Square off depends on the trader choice. If he sees that enough profits have been made and profits cannot increase further using the current strategy. Then he will square off and will make a new position.