What is the Stt % and other charges on liquid bees transaction in zerodha?

STT is not levied on Liquid bees. Other transaction charges:

  • Turnover charges: 0.00325% on turnover
  • Service tax: 12.36% on brokerage and transaction charges
  • Stamp charges: 0.01% for Karnataka (depends upon state), max 50.
  • SEBI Charges: 0.000002 on turnover i.e Rs.20/crore
  • Brokerage: 0.1% or Rs. 20/Trade whichever is lower

thank you so much for clearing my question…

So its basically the charges applied for Delivery Trade, minus no STT charges (as they are exempt).
Thanks Roopa.

HI Roopa,

How fast can I Buy and how fast can i sell.
Is it as liquid as cash.


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